“Heaven Central” comes to Evanston, IL this October!

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I’m thrilled to announce TWO special events presented through the team of Ordained Spiritual Healers (that would be me and friends!) who have together been offering free spiritual healing services in Evanston, IL.

Padre Paul Funsinn, of Celebrating Life Ministries, will be joining us for two events that together, make up an afternoon of wonders!


An afternoon workshop (paid registration) 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm

A late afternoon FREE HEALING SERVICE 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm

One event builds on the other! Come for both and saturate yourself in the healing waves of energy!

Padre Paul Funfsinn hears a healing story that resulted from one of the blessings coming through him at a recent "West of Heaven" event.
Padre Paul Funfsinn hears a healing story that resulted from one of the blessings coming through him at a recent “West of Heaven” event.

Padre Paul was, for 27 years, Rev. Dr. Ron Roth’s closest associate and designated successor to his powerful ministry of sacred healing. I met Paul 15 years ago. While his prayer life was always rich and his blessings healing in every way, since Ron’s passing, the anointing has literally passed to Paul and I’ve watched the explosions of miracles abound around him. Humble, loving and compassionate, don’t miss this opportunity to move your own spiritual life to a new, accelerated level. And hey, start praying for YOUR miracle—and everyone else’s—now!

Full details and tickets on my Healing Events page or click on Rev. Nettie’s Event Registrations in the right-hand column to get the full story and reserve your spot NOW!

Read some recent healing stories / testimonials on our events page!

Celebrating Life Ministries’ events on the West Coast have come to be known as “West of Heaven” events. On the East Coast: “East of Heaven”. That makes Chicagoland, where it all began for Ron Roth and Paul, “Heaven Central.”


Padre Paul and Rev. Nettie in August at a Celebrating Life Ministries event for the ordained monks and healers



Why Healing is Accelerated in a Group Setting

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You can open to the Divine by yourself in a cave, but for most people, it’s far easier to do in the company of others. What kind of company? “Good Company” advise the Great Ones. That is the meaning of the word “Satsang” — a community of truth-seekers.

Cave at Qumrun, in Israel; where the desert fathers retreated in solitude.

My mentor, Rev. Dr. Ron Roth, who spent over 40 years conducting healing services with attendance ranging from 10 to 10,000 people at any given event, used to warn the audience: “When I call out your condition, NOW is the time to come forward for healing. Don’t think you’re going to corner me privately later in the hall and get any result.” 

He was referring to the fact that in the energy of the group prayer and devotion, the healing presence of the Holy Spirit and the holy spirit helpers were called forth in that elevated energy (vibration is another way of saying it)  and performed the healing work in a way that usually was astonishing and miraculous. “When Kathryn Kuhlman led services,” he would exhort over and over, “she would stand and sing with the choir and the audience for over an hour before she began the healing portion.” 

Why did she do this? Why did Ron insist on long intervals of musical prayer? Indeed, I learned the role of music in healing by serving as one of Ron’s musical team for almost 10 years. I experienced firsthand how music and chanting elevate the vibrational field. All cultures and traditions everywhere recognize this, and there are virtually no healing traditions that don’t include some sort of meditative sounding, whether it is drumming, om-ing, singing, chanting, gongs, kirtan or any other form of music.

Ron Roth at a 2004 healing retreat.
Ron Roth at a 2004 healing retreat.

Yogananda once held a service in which he had the jam-packed crowd at Carnegie Hall chanting “Oh God Beautiful” for an hour and twenty five minutes!:

“For one hour and twenty-five minutes, the thousands of voices of the entire audience chanted…in a divine atmosphere of joyous praise…The next day many men and women testified to the God-perception and the healing of body, mind, and soul that had taken place during the sacred chanting, and numerous requests came in to repeat the song at other services.“* *

Could Yogananda, or other great mystics, bring about healing without a crowd of chanters? Yes. Such Divine Masters vibrate at a level much greater than your average spiritual healer.

Paramhansa Yogananda
Paramhansa Yogananda

I studied with Mahendra Trivedi for a time, and he joked about experiments in India where they hooked him up to various scientific apparatus and brought in the greatest of Reiki healers, whose effect was absolutely nil. The reason, he chuckled, was “the stronger energy always wins.” His own energetic field was so much higher that nothing she did could affect him in any way. But he himself has transmuted, in scientific experiments, just about every substance known to man, and great healings have also occurred through him. So the fully God-Realized can and do emit a healing energy regardless of the environment.

Yet, many of them; in fact almost all I can think of, did use the group to amplify and generate the field and invite in the Divine Presence. John of God, perhaps the greatest medium and spiritist healer in hundreds of years, has several hundred mediums meditating to generate the field in which the benevolent Encidades (healing entities) do their work through him. At the Casa Dom Inacio in Brazil, this energy field is called the “current”. It comes from the portuguese word corrente, which means both an energetic/electrical current and a chain…it is a healing current formed by a chain of people.”Sit in the current” is the most frequent prescription given at the Casa.

Ron Roth, at the invitation of John of God, conducts a healing service at the Casa Dom Inacio in 2004. That's me on guitar in the background.
Ron Roth, at the invitation of John of God, conducts a healing service at the Casa Dom Inacio in 2004. That’s me on guitar in the background.

Current is a beautiful example of “give & get.” Some people prefer to have a healer work on them in private. This is effective too, depending on the healer. But one must remember, that’s all about the “getting.” The beauty of healing in and with a group, is that you are also giving. And in terms of your own Grace Bank Account, that can only be a good thing.

Healing services are an opportunity to come together and generate that energetic field in such a way that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This is the meaning underlying the famous quote of Jesus: “Where two or more are gathered together, there am I among you.” 

Join me at our next free healing event January 10th, 2015 in Evanston, IL: https://revnettie.com/healing-events/

**(source: http://www.yogananda-srf.org/Kirtan_Chanting.aspx#.VKhbZidwsRI)


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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA945464_10201728973257726_620457057_nRev. Nettie & her colleague Rev. Wendy Chojnowski will be giving a Free Healing Service at Unity of the North Shore in Evanston, IL on Sat, Dec 13th, 2014 at 4 pm (till approx 6:30 pm).

This is a service especially for those with “difficult-to-heal” conditions: cancer, neurological conditions, chronic suffering of all sorts, emotional pain…those who feel stuck in their life: in beliefs and patterns that no longer serve them or bring them joy; and anyone who needs the touch of light, faith and hope in their lives.

Music by Rev. Janet Lee Kraft with special guest Rev. Mary Yankee, vocalist.Janartharp2

Download Flyer Here: Dec13FlyerFInal2

Full Details Here: https://revnettie.com/healing-events/


Back to Brazil & the Casa Dom Inacio

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In the garden of the Casa with the statue of St. Ignatius in June of 2009

I’m sitting in the Delta lounge waiting for my direct flight to Brasilia—a direct flight being a miracle in and of itself, as it means I don’t need to deal with changing planes in Sao Paolo airport, or with the fact that Brazilian domestic airlines allow only 5 lbs per carry-on bag.

True to the challenge of achieving “escape velocity” before vacation, I’m down to the last minute with handling details of tasks undone, as always, just having to let go of that which didn’t get handled.

I’ve come to realize how taking two weeks off is almost unheard of in these times; at least it persists in being so for Americans. I am reminded of Ron Roth’s oft-repeated phrase that we are human BEINGS, not human doings, but we live our lives as if the opposite is true.

I love going back to the Casa for many reasons. Of the spiritual benefits and the magnificent opportunity to be there I will write more as the time goes on. But right now I’m just appreciating that parking myself in one location, where there is no demand on me, where you are expected to do nothing but rest is beyond most people’s experience anymore. Going to a one-horse town in central Brazil is a good way to remember that life consists of more than the endless to-do list that runs from here to the Restaurant at the End of the Universe.

I first returned to the Casa after a five-year break, arriving on the heels of Ron Roth’s death in 2009, about 3 days after his passing. This year, I’m coming a few months after Sai Baba left his body. John of God is the last living member of this trio of great spiritual healers and leaders whose presences have graced my life and led my journey since my spiritual re-emergence in the 90’s. Joao (John) is now about 70, and I do not take his continued existence here on this earthly plane for granted. Every moment I get to spend there is precious beyond all measure.

I am a Filha da Casa: a daughter of the House (of Dom Inacio—St. Ignatius). When I was first told that in 2004, I knew nothing of what it meant. With each year the meaning, the responsibility and the grace of that knowledge grows in me.

Some of you know the story that on one of my return trips to the Casa, the agent at JFK checking our visas before we boarded the plane chattered out loud, half to herself, that my name, “Spiwack” reminded her of a teacher her brother had whom he talked of incessantly. I walked away not thinking of it till I stopped in my tracks, returned to her and said: “was this in the Bronx, a long time ago?” Indeed it was—my mother had been her brother’s beloved kindergarten teacher, who had made an indelible imprint on him. I boarded the plane and sat stunned, as I knew my mom had arranged this unusual way of letting me know she was with me on my way to the Casa.

Yesterday, as I wound up my work with the Army at LandWarNet in Tampa, FL, one of the last people to come for a quick consult was a vibrant, glowing woman who really didn’t need my services in the least. As she sat down, I admired her necklace, remarking they were my favorite colors. She immediately took it off her neck, claimed she didn’t even like it, it just matched her dress, and insisted that I take it. After refusing, I gave in to her refusing likewise to put it back on. Then I noticed her name: Sandra. My mom’s name. I couldn’t help but think of the fact that once again, I’m on the way to the Casa.  And my mom, whose “daughter of the House” I was first, seems to bless my trips to the other House.

I will be sending my prayers for the safety of all in the approaching hurricane; and I will be writing from Brazil.

With love,

Rev. Net