Trips & Retreats

Rabbi Ross, Rev. Nettie & Fr. Steve on a joyous day of arrival in Jerusalem
The Heart of Faith Caravan!


Our Heart of Faith Pilgrimage 2013 group in Manger Square in Bethlehem, 2013


Rev. Nettie has escorted pilgrims and people seeking healing to India, Israel & Brazil.

In 2013 she brought Rabbi Roger Ross, Fr. Stephen Porter and 17 pilgrims of different faiths on a journey to the Holy Land, traveling through Israel and seeing the holy sites through the eyes of the “other”, and right into the Heart of Faith.

Heart of Faith Pilgrimages is the name of Rev. Nettie’s pilgrimage site. New trips will be in the making, so if you are interested in keeping in touch with the opportunities for spiritual travel focused on healing, email to:

Rev. Nettie also takes people seeking healing to John of God’s Casa Dom Inacio in Brazil. These trips are always done under the auspices of two of the foremost Casa guides, Bob Dinga & Diana Rose of

Rev. Nettie does not have a trips scheduled in 2014, so John of God travel inquiries, please go to Bob & Diana’s site here for their schedule, and tell them “Nettie sent me!”  In my opinion, no one does a more thorough or better job of taking care of travelers to John of God in Abadiania, Brazil.



These lights are spirit phenomena that manifest on digital photography when great healing energy is present. I was walking back from evening prayers at the Casa Dom Inacio, Brazil, in 2011

Visit John of God in Brazil with Rev. Nettie! August 27th – Sept 8th, 2012!

• Have you always wanted to visit the great healer, John of God, but have put it off?

• Have you heard he comes to the USA regularly? This year he is not returning to the US, and there is no promise of his return.

But! You can come with me to Brazil to visit him and the wondrous center, the Casa Dom Inacio (House of St. Ignatius).

Join me, August 27th to September 8th, 2012. See your full invitation and information at this link!


SPRING 2012: April Healing Prayer & Celebration Retreat in Chicago Area;  June Yoga Retreat in Middletown, CT

APRIL: Rev. Nettie will be teaching and leading music at the annual retreat for Celebrating Life MInistries. This is Rev. Nettie’s 12th year at the Celebrating Life retreats.

“Your Name Oh Lord,

Is Like Honey Unto My Lips”

               April 27-29th, 2012 / St. Theresa Shrine & Retreat Center, Darien, IL (Chicago area)

Join Rev. Paul Funfsinn along with many other Ordained and Monks of Celebrating Life Ministries as they gather with participants to listen and receive the sweet honey from heaven called GRACE that heals our souls and bodies.

Rev. Paul Funfsinn will be joined by special guests speakers; Robert Bearden , a monk from our Spirit of Peace Monastic Community, and Rev. Nettie Spiwack, an Ordained Spiritual Healer in our CL Community.

Participants will experience:

  • renewed sense of AWE from the Presence
  • devotion to God, parallel to none
  • worship with the Angels
  • immersion in prayer/ quietness…Be Still and Know
  • healing for the mind, soul & spirit
  • meet like minded people of all faiths
  • Oneness Blessing
  • Communion Service

Rev. Nettie will be teaching on the “inner and outer journey.” She will also be joined in devotional song and chant by her singing & ministry partner, Rev. Janet Lee Kraft and long-time CL musician Kathy Bonvallet in sourcing devotional worship with guidance from the music angels!

Visit ticket office to Register or email for more information

For more information on the beautiful location of the retreat visit: Shrine of St. Therese

JUNE 2, 2012—Rev. Nettie & Rev. Jan will be leading chant and devotional music at:

One-Day Yoga Retreat with Divya Jyoti in Middletown CT.  email for info (use contact link above)

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